Legal & Compliance Department

Consistent with the Company’s mission to provide excellent and holistic health care with passion, the Legal and Compliance Department ensures that its network of hospitals and ambulatory health service providers are compliant and updated with Philippine law and international standards. The department oversees that its health service providers are operating with relevant permits and licenses. It also conducts monthly monitoring activities for threatened and any on-going medico-legal cases across the network. MPH seeks to contribute to nation-building by enabling a healthier Philippines and this arm warrants that the Group does this in a manner consistent with all its legal obligations.

  • Compliance Roll-out Progress 
  • Whistleblowing 
  • Gifts given and received 
  • Government interactions 
  • Donations, sponsorships, and grants 
  • Other deviation 

Corporate Governance Policies of Metro Pacific Health 

The Legal and Compliance Department is tasked with being the primary implementing arm of the company’s Corporate Governance Policies which is being implemented to all executives, employees, hospital affiliates, schools, ambulatory health service providers, and third-party contractors. The team conducts monthly monitoring of reports made by Company Personnel, and possibly third parties, in compliance with the Corporate Governance Policies of Metro Pacific Health. Through this effort, Metro Pacific Health is able to monitor reports on whistleblowing, gifts given and received, government interactions, donations, sponsorships, and grants, and other deviations. 

For a brief introduction to the Corporate Governance Policies of Metro Pacific Health, kindly click here

Further, expounded below are five of our Corporate Governance Policies:  

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy (Click here for the full policy) 

All forms of corruption and bribery are not tolerated at Metro Pacific Health. The ABAC Policy and the internal controls provided herein have been designed to prevent bribery from occurring, avoid the appearance of wrongdoing, and enable the Company to respond promptly and effectively to any inquiries about its conduct. Violations to this may subject the offender to disciplinary action without prejudice to his/her personal violation/s under applicable government laws not limited to R.A. 3019 or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act. 

Conflict-Of-Interest Policy (Click here for the full policy) 

The COI Policy sets out the Company’s approach and guidelines on identifying and disclosing any actual or perceived conflict of interest situation that may arise during the execution of Company Personnel’s duties towards the Company. As a policy, transactions which are or may have the potential of being deemed as Conflict of Interest transactions are discouraged and must be avoided. All business decisions and entrusted roles of all Company Personnel must be based on the best interest of the Company and its stakeholders and must not be motivated by personal considerations and other relationships that can interfere with their independent and impartial judgment. 

Click here to download Declaration of Adherence and Conflict of Interest 

Gift and Hospitality Policy (Click here for the full policy) 

This Policy articulates the compliance requirements in relation to the acceptance, offering, and giving of Gifts to and by the Company, its Company Personnel, including its directors, officers, executives, employees, and consultants. This Policy lays down the procedure to ensure that Company Personnel may provide and receive Gifts, within the limits and in compliance with high standards of integrity as provided by relevant laws, rules and regulations. The Policy also sets out clear reporting mechanisms in the giving and/or acceptance of gifts and hospitality. While the Company recognizes that Gifts can be an important part of developing and fostering business relationships, the same must be made within the limits provided to prevent impropriety, the appearance of impropriety, or the creation of undue and improper obligation on the part of the recipient. 

Whistleblowing Policy (Click here for the full policy) 

This Policy exists to assist and encourage any individual Company Personnel to disclose information relevant to suspected misconduct, malpractice, or irregularity as defined in the Company’s various Corporate Governance Policies through a confidential reporting channel as well as to provide such employees appropriate protection in the event of retaliatory acts carried out against them in relation to any disclosures they may have made. To the extent necessary to ensure compliance by all concerned with the Corporate Governance Policies, this Policy shall likewise apply to disclosures and reports initiated by third parties.  

Do you want to report any violation or suspected violation of any Metro Pacific Health Company Personnel?  

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