In building our network, we build the country’s future.

To date, we have a portfolio of 24 hospitals and 31 outpatient care centers spread across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Their services are augmented by six cancer care centers, two allied healthcare colleges, and a centralized laboratory. Together, we can expand this portfolio to cover everything the country needs in the field of healthcare. A consistent vision of progress binds all members of Metro Pacific Health to their growth towards a sustainable direction.

Partnerships & Investments

We welcome every opportunity that helps us improve the availability and sustainability of quality healthcare in the Philippines.

Collaboration and team work

We are eager to hear the needs, ideas, and concerns of potential partners and stakeholders in an environment of creativity and collaboration.

Collective Management

We’ve built professional management teams that take charge of our hospitals’ financial and administrative requirements, enabling health workers to focus more on serving our patients.

Collective Improvement

Integration allows members to make purchases as a group rather than as individuals, empowering us to lower our fees and making way for savings that could be invested in medical science and data.

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